WholEarth Learning Organization is a Not for Profit Organization with a steering vision of educating youth and elder of the New Earth Pathways.
WholEarth Learning Organization was conceived in 1999, and founded by Heather Jobest in 2011. Now we are ready to put the pieces together in moving forward with this vision.
The future is different than anything we experience today, and with that comes a learning curve. As we learn to adjust to the rapid changes that are uprising, WholEarth Learning will provide an avenue to have hands on learning in agriculture, expression, sustainability, and community.
Several projects are now underway, with our first project The Gaia’s Daughter and Son, an online magazine of expressions in art particularly focusing on the organic spirit of art through word, voice, music, craft, and visual presentations. Future projects will include The WholEarth Learning Farm School, a hands-on learning farm school with all levels of experience from seed to fruit, sustainable management, vermiculture, and composting. WholEarth Learning is also looking to create The Healing into Wellness retreat with nutritional counseling, life coaching, four body attunements, and relaxation in heated Hot Springs Pool.
We welcome your support and donations are graciously accepted and tax deductible.
Donations may be made by sending an email for information to our email address: WholEarthLearningOrganization@gmail.comalso known as WholEarth Learning Network