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I am so inspired by this conversation, that I am outlining an education presentation so the ONE People can easily transfer info and cocreate education for the masses. Thank you KP

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A most interesting science newsbit announced 2 habitable planets found in Kepler 11, located 2000 light years from our current inhabitance. Hmm.. i query why look for habitable planets, is there someone living there, would I consider exoplanetary inhabitance?? 
I am interested in astronomy and astrology, so these newsbits are educational and off I go looking for an app that would put a view on these two habitable planets. No luck yet.

So I do use google sky, and lookin at the direction of the lyrids meteor shower, i did my planet search to see where our solar system cycle is, and much more can be understood in tbe studies of astrology.

The moon is in cancer, a cardinal water sign.


Moon in Cancer

The Sun, Mars, and Venus transit to Pisces, while Uranus and Mercury move closer to Aquarius.


5 planet pisces transit

Mercury is now moving through Aquarius.


Mercury in Aquarius

As it is a rainin here, so it is water that I need physically, and emotional reflectivity is what I am feelin, and fluid movement is what I am thinkin, and cleansing the spirit is what is happenin.

If you would like to learn more about astronomy and astrology, like I do, I recommend Tom Lescher Pele report, weekly show on youtube. I also like to keep updated on

Enjoy the lyrids in progress now through the 25th, peaking on the 22nd. When the april showers pass, the warm may blossoms in front of ye eyes.


Many blessings to each and all beloved!

2 days energy stream 02/05 by shegeebee | Blog Talk Radio.

A view into the wormhole of Divine Knowing brought me to know this buried story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

One day in the Garden, Adam asked Father God, with Eve as his witness, to know all that God knows.  Father God saw the pure intention of Adam and honored his quest for all knowingm Adam received a purity and clarity that was Divine Knowledge and it overfilled his vessel, splitting Adam into a seed that quickly grew into the Tree of Knowledge.

Eve saw her Divine Complement turn from a form of a human into a tree and watched in awe as her beloved Adam became a tree bearing fruit. She watched the buds swell into blossoms, the petals bursting and floating down to her face, and fruits grew into ripeness. The fruits of this tree were apples: red, round, and full of Divine Love. Eve asked God, “How will I know the Love of Adam while he is a tree?” God instructed Eve to eat the fruit, and then she would know the Unconditional Love Adam and God have for her.

Eve reflected at what she witnessed, and what could be a risk, wondering if she herself would become a tree. Yet when she looked into the fruits of her Divine Complement, she longed to share this love again. Eve chose an apple that glowed in the sunlight, looking curiously at the fruit, and then biting into the apple, tasting sweet nectar of the ripe fruit. Never before had she felt the ecstasy that washed over her, the sensations, the truth, as the apple moved into her belly.

Eve consumed the entire apple, including the seeded core, and a great satisfaction settled as the bliss of love washed through her. She knew that Adam was experiencing the sensation of being a part of her, as Eve was experiencing the glory of Love, no longer would they be seperate. 

The seed of the apple grew in Eve’s belly, and the Divine Knowing of God, and the Divine LOve of Adam with the Divine Desire of Eve merged in creating a vessel for a new soul, a Child of God would be born to Eve and Adam. Their love was the great Divine Desire to know Love in all ways, and to express this holy merging of Hierogamos, the Divine Sexual Union of Divine Complements, as two souls creating one.

The key unlocks


The key drops
rotations turn
Release and open
Enter inside


Time has been measured
Whence trapped in an hourglass
The hour is lost
As the timeline slips


Those before
Are just ahead
To tell a tale
Lost in translation
Only we will see
What is meant to known
Yet we knew all along

Ask and you will know

When I was a young girl, I went to church, prayed and read the Bible. As I grew older, I wanted to follow the golden thread that weaves faith in every culture. So I explored many sacred texts, and saw the faces of many faiths.

Once I asked a minister to help my find the answer to my question in the Bible. He gave me a mystical tool that I now hand to you.  I believe you may try this technique with any text that you feel has brought your spirit, your life; guidance, assurance, understanding, and all that quenches your thirst.

First, write down your question and take time to meditate, pray, and ask your question while holding your holy text.  Second, with faith knowing, and your eyes closed, open the book and point to the page.  Third, without removing your finger on the page, open your eyes and read the passage.  Fourth, write it down and add your reflections about how it answers your question.

So I give you this evenings example of a tried and true tested formula, and I am always aghast at the profundity of the result.  Tonight I asked Divine Mother and Divine Father God to assure me of the guidance I am receiving.
The result: Isaiah 55:12 “For you shall go out in Joy and be led forth in Peace: the mountains and the hills before you shall break forth into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.”


Many blessed returns upon your path

Walk a mile in your brother and sisters shoes

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The Earth date December 21 2012 is on many people’s minds as they look forward to humanity’s awakening, and wonder what will actually happen, if anything, on or before that date.  Despite all the inspiring channeled messages addressing the importance and significance of this date many are but hoping for the best, while wondering if anything much will really change – they are preparing themselves to handle a big disappointment.  And the mainstream media continues to focus on the same old stuff – “new” bad news on the economy, on politics, on threats of terrorist plots or wars, on climate change, on earthquakes, and on and on – so where, you ask, is the Good News?

The illusion does hide from you your eternal spiritual connection to God.  You believe in it, it makes complete sense to you, but you have no experience of it – no sense of the…

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Pierce The Veil


Pierce the veil
with rays of light
The morning sun warms
after a cool October night
radiate geometric shapes
of circles and flower of life
my horizon expands
to welcom the dawn
the sky rips wide open
to welcome the new day
Stars and Planets
are hidden from the naked eye
yet still rotate
in faith and dilligence
Birds sing a melodic song:
“You are not alone, never alone”

Venus as the Morning Star

This morning, I awoke @ 5:50 am and looked to the skies to see Venus shining bright with the constellation of Leo. I equate Leo the Lion as a strong, proud, and fierce character. I also feel the Unconditional Love energy of Venus. Together, Venus and Leo pull in the dawn of a new day as the sun rises.

An hour later, I’ve got my stretches done and head upstairs to make a french pressed pot of coffee. As I step outside to greet the day, with coffee in hand, I notice Leo has faded yet Venus shines on. I focus on the planet and feel awashed in gratitude for the loving emotions.

I recall my connection with Gaia, remove my shoes, and press the ball of my big toe to the cement patio. I accept the flow of Love to flow through me into Gaia. I feel the fierce strength of Leo the Lion and the beauty of Unconditional Love of Venus. I feel Gaia accept this flow, and look at my phone. The time is 7:11 am PST.

As I look up to Venus once more, the sun begins to peak over the east where the Blue Mountains rise. I can see in a southern peripheral vision a circular arc, almost in a rain cloud gray color, encircling Venus. I thank the Lion, Venus and Gaia for assisting in this morning meditation. I thank my highest self and guides for bringing me to this moment.

As I return to the warmth of the abode, I close my eyes and meditate on this experience. In my third eye vision, I see a bright circle. I ask for clarification of what this circle represents, and I recieve:

You are held in the Circle of Love, always and forever with the strength of a Lion, you have anchored the New Dawn.

I give thanks as I accept this message and etheric sealing of the fierce love of Gaia and all love and life upon her. May this circle expand in every interaction, every soul connection, and every place I am connected to. As I reflect upon this connection, I know the works are being done.



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