I am integrating information regarding the One Peoples Trust, I have transcribed a few bits of info for distribution, and now, after 6 months of digesting, I am ready to cocreate an educational tool for those who want to assist their local community in this transition.

If you have not previously heard of the One Peoples Public Trust, and the efforts that the trustees and many have produced, you can easily get caught up by going to the  http://www.i-uv.com

Project XIII is close to going live, and this is a very exciting endeavor, many are ready to know more about our eternal value, and how to exchange value for services and goods. You will see the most current information about this Project on the site http://www.I-uv.com

I have been listening to the OPPT-in shows on 5d media network via blogtalkradio.com, also on I-uv.com site  , The Collective Imagination, The One Peoples, and The Transitioning over the last 6 months, and through these conversations, I have come to an understanding that each ONE, every ONE, is born with eternal value.  I was already aware that we have been enslaved by the debt system, and prayed constantly for a change.

The Good NEWS is YOU are FREE!  No longer will the system move forward, yet the real moment of now is seeing this structure crumble, weaken, and attempt to continue to enslave. There are many out there that are working for a payment for someone else’s product or service, and I believe those folks are not being paid what they are worth.  Yet someone, perhaps we could say those 1% of the top earning in the financial world are living well beyond their means, and perhaps beyond their value. Perhaps they are living off others value, others who they see separate, unaware of the enslaving process.

I am Aware! I am Awake! I Proclaim my Eternal Essence!

I. Am.One, Eternal Essence Embodied.

Come visit this page again soon, as I am working on sharing this presentation: Shifting Economic Paradigms.

I welcome your inspiration, and seek to connect with cocreators of Education models, as this is what my heart centered song is about!