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Ask and you will know

When I was a young girl, I went to church, prayed and read the Bible. As I grew older, I wanted to follow the golden thread that weaves faith in every culture. So I explored many sacred texts, and saw the faces of many faiths.

Once I asked a minister to help my find the answer to my question in the Bible. He gave me a mystical tool that I now hand to you.  I believe you may try this technique with any text that you feel has brought your spirit, your life; guidance, assurance, understanding, and all that quenches your thirst.

First, write down your question and take time to meditate, pray, and ask your question while holding your holy text.  Second, with faith knowing, and your eyes closed, open the book and point to the page.  Third, without removing your finger on the page, open your eyes and read the passage.  Fourth, write it down and add your reflections about how it answers your question.

So I give you this evenings example of a tried and true tested formula, and I am always aghast at the profundity of the result.  Tonight I asked Divine Mother and Divine Father God to assure me of the guidance I am receiving.
The result: Isaiah 55:12 “For you shall go out in Joy and be led forth in Peace: the mountains and the hills before you shall break forth into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.”


Many blessed returns upon your path

The pathways each of us follow are guided by heart and lead us home. I have said and felt that each soul has the capbility to be a shaman, a healer, a visionary, a catlyst, and wayshower. Those who choose these pathways Re opening wider to the unknown, guided by Heart desire, and courage to face the adversities. My personal courage carries a badge of Oneness, from the simple understanding that we are One with all creation, and acceptance and compassion are the hallmarks of Oneness.

My personal choice to be a healer, a visionary,and shaman has been my Soul Urge from early exisitence. The Soul. Urge is a seed I carry within my heart and the Willpower is in the knowing of the heart. I have trusted my heart over the direction of the mind on occassions in the past, and now I have learned that this is the way to the path, to live from the heart.

Living from the heart looks different to many who are working from the mind, the mental level. For example, the mind of many in the immediate environment, and throughout the USA, and world; the mind has been molded by the factory of education. In this factory, or institution, the textbook is the authority. The heart of every being that is subjected to this molding, is told to be quiet, closed, and mistrusted. Yet this trusting, openeness, and loud desire to mold life from the heart passion IS the model of new education, to trust the child heart is Child Guided Education.
Remembering who we are is a pathway to the heart. Many have memories of childhood, and often I have heard my elders speak of days of old. We all carry heartfelt reminders of what our heart to, of what we dream of, of who we are when we live in the heart, Through these thoughts of the days of old, the conversations with our kinfolk, the experiences of truly living in the heart may seem like an unattainable dream from the days before. Yet this is the mind thought that dangles the heart out like wash on the clothesline. The mind has learned this disconnect from the years of molding, and must now be trained to reconnect to the heart. So remembering who we are will lead us bck to the Love in the Heart, the truth of our Love, and the trust to open wider. This is absolutely imperative to do this now, and so this is the work of my chosen path as an Empathic Shaman.

Why is it absolutely imperative to live from the heart? You might ask this question, and I encourage you to have this conversation with all of your loved ones. It is not difficult to see many examples what happens when life is not lived from the heart. So many atrocities to the Human, the Animal, and the Planetary life are grave indications of decisions made from the mind disconnected from the heart.

There are many who live from the heart, who love our existence upon the living and breathing planet known affectionately as Gaia, and widely known as Earth. These folks who love her, are loud about their willingness to defend, quiet in the way they enjoy the branches swaying in the breeze and the oean waves washing the shore; they are open to solutions that bring healing, and they are trusting the justice of their heart knowing to be the guiding light, they are the Wayshowers.

So life living from the heart looks different because when folks are doing the mental journey, it is a linear direction in the drone movement of single file marching toward the dance of disconnect. The life mentallity of the drone is to be the worker, enslaved to the value placed on need. When one of these drones marches on the quickened lunch hour, and notices the encampment of Occupy who represent the disenfranchised 99% as they protest the disconnected oligarchy, the drone is entrained to have a mental-emotional response, whether it be disgust, hatred, disasssociation, ignorance, misinterpretaion or curiousity. These are all heart and mind in conflict, at an intersection where the heart speaks loudly to the mind, and the will of the soul decides if the heart or mind is correct. Yet, these folks who would camp day and night through fall, winter, and spring are living in the heart. They are willing to represent what it looks like to be living in the heart. The justice of their heart knowing is what puts them into their pathways.

I am consciously choosing to live from the heart, and allow the mind to go through its processes, as this is a symbiotic relationship. For we will find that the heart is big enough to love the mind, and this must be as we bring balance within, and begin to see the balance outside of us. The mind goes through many processes and is tailored as the ego. The processes of the molded mind are to analyze, compare, route through past experiences, memories of action and reaction, assessing the energies of the emotional frquency, judgments, opinions, and research. When the mind has stirred up the emotional body, the physical body begins to move the emotions through the adrenal channels. If the movement through the adrenal is intense, as the emotions are triggered by the mind, the physical body will need rest, or become agitated, exhausted, fearful, angry, or sad.

The ego is our personality, our persona, and is often the profile on a social network, and is easily inflated with desire, fear, conflict, joy, bliss, and addictions. The ego wants to act out the experiences that fulfill the inflation process. The ego may be like a rogue cowboy, or a heartbreak teen, or a rebel without a cause, and tryuly can be seen like a child who needs nurturing, listening, healing, loving. The ego needs the relationship of the heart and mind to be in balance, much like a child needs a balanced love from the Father and Mother.. I advocate that the ego, the mind, and the heart are one, unified to choose the path of living in the heart.

Heartfelt Message

I want to share a message I received, I often have conversations with the angels in starry skies, and last night I agreed to write it down as the thoughts came to me, this may or may not be a channelling, and I do not have an identity as to where this message came from, and I feel that it does not really matter, as the message is the bread. So break of a piece and let it enter the body of christ consciousness.

~~ ❤ ~~ Heartfelt Message ~~ ❤ ~~

Dear ones, we are so near in your hearts,
we await the moment to reveal ourselves to you,
To assist you in the realignment of your abilities,
to show your ancestry lineage with the universe.
These challenges you face,
are strengthening your abilities,
to assist those who will awake tommorrow.
You have asked how can I assist
so now we tell you
know your heart and love all that is contained within.
Find the space to climb inside
and live in your heart.
Your mind will not funciton this way for you,
your heart is designed to allow you soul to breathe,
and so it is here that you will find the portal to your soul.
Open this wide and know that creator has planted a divine seed within your heart.
Feed this fertile place with water, sunlight, and love.
Practice a meditation or affirmation that allows the connection to your heart.
You may feel this energy creates a lofty feeling,
and so this is why we wish for you to become a beam of light for earth,
and allow yourself to be grounded with Gaia.
If you will assist with your heart energy
and send this energy to the far reaches of earth,
Gaia will assist you in your dimensional shift into ascension.

Know that you are not alone in this journey, and we await your invitation to assist.
Blessed Be!

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transcribed by Sheglidesby, December 15, 2010 ~~ ❤ ~~

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Your Truth is a Gift







Your Truth




Your truth is unique.


How another reads your story is their truth.


How you tell your story is the expression of your truth.


How you live your story is the action of your truth.


How you dream your story is the heart-center of your truth.


How you face your story, with masks or naked, is your unfolding truth.


How you devote to your story, is your manifested truth.


How you rewrite your story, is the magic of your truth.


How you harmonize your story, is the cocreation of your truth.


How you love your story, is the acceptance of your truth.




Please share your story!




A message from Guides of Heavenly Light,


You have every reason and right to be joyous!

Amidst the unknown of your time, in which many tread a path of confused chaos, you have found the trail to you Joy!

Be there whenever you wish, visit often, and hold this place in your heart.

We wish to remind you that we send you our deepest LOVE and this encompasses all aspects of LOVE.

For LOVE is so much more than a gift one gives, it is a reciprocal energy that grows in the Light of LOVE.

So be in Joy!

Know this Abundant Joy will spill over into every aspect of you life.

You confirm in your heart that you are LOVED.

You stand firm in you Dream Vision.

You know that NOW is the time for Action.

As you stand upon the vista of mountains of New Earth, you see the Heavenly Light of the Great Central Sun shining upon the Valley of the Shadows, and you watch those shadows give way for the Light.

Celebrate this Joy with all who you pass or meet, whether it be in your own space, or with the many in the gathering.

For you are truly ONE with All That IS upon Gaia and into every level of the Dimensions of Time and Space!

You accept this LOVE in oneness as it is Forevermore!

Blessed Be!




The Call that was heard

A little background into this, I wrote this during a very important process that occurred during June and July of 2011. The words were a fever and the message was the call that was heard and answered. We have moved past this stage, so see this as a reflection, and know that you are being called into action as co-creator.

The Call that was heard

Fenix is birthed through the fiery purification of Gaia.
Cosmic Grand Cardinal cross has aligned and now adjusts La Luna processes in newness of the tri-eclipse events
Earth bound beings shift carbon to crystal,
awakening 22 strand DNA with 22 rays of God.
Golden Cities grow in the collective consciousness of fifth-dimensional awareness assisted by the spiritual pioneers of Terra Christa and the spiritual beings in oneness.
The tribe is gathering high upon the hills to build community and sustainable systems.
The time is now as the mind needs rest from the trenches of stress and distraction,
the land awaits the seeds of love to be sown to flower in fruition and to bring harvest of nourishment energy.
Seasons as we have know them have a more than perceptible shift in all elements, affecting all habitation upon Gaia, as these are indications of her needs during this birthing process.
Aligning axiationally, intentfully, and organically, Mother Earth, our Gaia, is in greatest need of her lightworkers to be conduits of the lightmechanics grid of 22 rays, igniting upon every beam, grounded through each lightworkers four-in-one bodies through the electric chakra light cordsfunnelling from soul star to earth star into the Crystalline Gorgeous Heart Core of GAIA.

Soul of the Stone People speaks

Dear Ones

We are the Stone people

We hear the sounds of your environment

with engines and sirens, voices, water, movement, and all

We give our strength;

so you may build, pave, worship, and decorate

We give our warmth;

so that you may bake, build fires, and run oil machines

We have come here from where you are, hurled through time and space

through all dimensions of the God Force to where we rest now.

We have known your form through all levels of existence.

We sit day after day, night after night watching you go by, busy with animated lives and we wait for your remembrance that we are one.

Please dear ones, connect with us.

Sit upon us, touch our surfaces, pick us up and roll us in your hand.

With your right palm, we will absorb the energy you give.

With your left palm, allow us to tell you a story, a song, or a message.

If you will walk upon us, please do so bearfoot, and feel our edges and the grains of sand of which we are made of.

Allow us to give you the acupressure you need, as you connect in your heart and honor the needs of your physical existence.

We are here with you.

We are Gaia Mother Nature Earth

We are ONE with your Solar System, they are our brothers and sisters

We know your story of all that ever is

We are ALL ONE from Creations

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