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March 22 is a powerful day, and this also comes to me on this day of 9. It is confirmation of completing one cycle of duality and welcoming the trinity.

Earth Hive

Earth LightSpecial Note: There will be a Global Heart Activation Event, March 22nd, to activate your unified heart intelligence, timed with the planetary and cosmic events described below.  Register for the event.

Listen to this Earth Hive Update.

There is a great awakening upon Mother Earth.  The planet is speeding into the future timeline of the Angelic Earth creation.  It is a palpable noticing that the higher reality of the Angelic Earth is coming into view. Some pioneers have landed like astronauts onto her soils, sending reports back to the curious about just what it is that the Angelic Earth is all about.  In this Earth Hive update, I’m streaming from the Cosmic Heart center to relay the process that is underway for the transition into the new Angelic Earth experience.

The New Gateways and Pathways to the Future

Since February we’ve been stumbling with Earth as she makes her…

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yes…i can feel it!

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kathryn_may_5 This came through from Kathryn May , and I felt this would be a great place for the last post of the day.

The UFO over the Ukraine video looked like it could possibly have been fabricated (I saw a couple of comments somewhere that said that), but who knows. In any event, according to Ashtar via Kathryn, it was actually a Sirian craft.


Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, March 11 2014, 12:00 AM, High Falls, New York

Hello, all Beloved Earth Dwellers, it is I, Ashtar. I have very good news to tell you about our successful Double Trouble display over the Ukraine. You will appreciate the irony embedded in the Truth which is now being revealed around the world. We are whooping and hollering on the ships, as you might say.

Many of you have seen the video of the…

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WE are creators in creation
We are healers in healing
WE are teachers in sharing
WE are students in knowing ever expanding our capacities
All ways experiencing NOW moment of profound TRUTH

WE are in the image of creator
creating our image from our ORIGIN and perceptions
WE are balancing our ORIGIN in experiences of resonance and contrast
WE are propelled on our paths by aligning with our hearts desire
seeded by the crative force of cocreation
manifesting healing by reciprocal exchange
recognizing our amnesia of origin
transmuting limits into possibilities into boundless expressions of wild abandon for the connection of ONE
disbanding the illusory state which bound us in past
moving swiftly toward the dream seeded in the heart
to the visceral truth of living Absent Limits.
I am You
You are me
WE are ONE People


gaia_energy1Energetic upgrades for selected Hue-manity groups are in process at this moment.

This is in addition to general consciousness upgrades occurring in all of Gala’s inhabitants.

Fracturing and dissolution of outdated low frequency paradigms has allowed this step.

“Selected Hue-manity groups” includes many continuing to set directions from energetic levels not yet suited for Gaia whole, and primarily addresses vibrational dis-harmonies.

Interests of all Gaia inhabitants are honored at this time.

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New banking system will open doors to the value of your eternal essence

Streets of Love - unconventional

I-OPEEN shut down at the end of may 2014
Thanks to all who participated

You are the bank

After considerable research, investigation, testing, and evaluation, we feel that CYCLOS is the Alternative Currency System that will meet our needs for the Open-Source Online Banking Software for I-OPEEN, International One People Eternal Essence Network.

I-OPEEN: the first Online, Direct-Access Value Exchange System
that allows YOU to deposit YOUR VALUE because YOU ARE the BANK


Revision 2.5 Changes

Money as Debt III – Evolution Beyond Money
– by Paul Grignon

Posted from:
Occupy Dame Street YouTube Channel

Published on May 1, 2012

A film called Money as Debt III – Evolution Beyond Money, released in 2011, presents Grignon’s ideas on the possible forms money may take in the future. Find out who are the actually Money Masters on the Earth today.

Actually how about NOW!


Revision 2 Changes

Wealth Inequality in America

Posted from:

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Fix The World Business Introductory Video.

Shifting Economic Paradigms

presented by Sheglidesby

The Invitation:

Dear One,

I love your eternal heart and Thank You is the deep gratitude of who you are BE’ing and what you be DO’ing with your eternal heart.

I ask of you now to join me in a conversation and exploration of how life is experienced in living through the eternal heart, and welcome your commentary on this developing presentation: Shifting Economic Paradigms.

The intention of this coursework is to empower each ONE to know self worth, to access Eternal Value, and to find Service to Local restructuring. Identifying the Heart desires to knowing abilities of service will be explored, understanding the shift that is occurring in economy, local to world, micro to macro, every choice affects the whole. Choosing Wisely is a tool each ONE has and develops in every choice. Awareness of Choice, and Relating to ONE will also be explored.

I feel you are qualified, as you, as well as many, have arrived to this space after enduring many hardships, and I recognize this process as the soul urging for growth. I wish to offer my experience, wisdom, and skills to bring all into a balanced growth.  I apprecialove your assistance on this greatest shift.

[Insert meeting time and place here] Contact me with the form below.

Thank you dearest one, you are Eternal Essence Embodied.



I am so inspired by this conversation, that I am outlining an education presentation so the ONE People can easily transfer info and cocreate education for the masses. Thank you KP

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MP3s (30 min., 7 MB, each) (minus 2 minutes from beginning)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Complete show (83 min.; 19 MB)

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A most interesting science newsbit announced 2 habitable planets found in Kepler 11, located 2000 light years from our current inhabitance. Hmm.. i query why look for habitable planets, is there someone living there, would I consider exoplanetary inhabitance?? 
I am interested in astronomy and astrology, so these newsbits are educational and off I go looking for an app that would put a view on these two habitable planets. No luck yet.

So I do use google sky, and lookin at the direction of the lyrids meteor shower, i did my planet search to see where our solar system cycle is, and much more can be understood in tbe studies of astrology.

The moon is in cancer, a cardinal water sign.


Moon in Cancer

The Sun, Mars, and Venus transit to Pisces, while Uranus and Mercury move closer to Aquarius.


5 planet pisces transit

Mercury is now moving through Aquarius.


Mercury in Aquarius

As it is a rainin here, so it is water that I need physically, and emotional reflectivity is what I am feelin, and fluid movement is what I am thinkin, and cleansing the spirit is what is happenin.

If you would like to learn more about astronomy and astrology, like I do, I recommend Tom Lescher Pele report, weekly show on youtube. I also like to keep updated on

Enjoy the lyrids in progress now through the 25th, peaking on the 22nd. When the april showers pass, the warm may blossoms in front of ye eyes.


Many blessings to each and all beloved!

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