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Venus as the Morning Star

This morning, I awoke @ 5:50 am and looked to the skies to see Venus shining bright with the constellation of Leo. I equate Leo the Lion as a strong, proud, and fierce character. I also feel the Unconditional Love energy of Venus. Together, Venus and Leo pull in the dawn of a new day as the sun rises.

An hour later, I’ve got my stretches done and head upstairs to make a french pressed pot of coffee. As I step outside to greet the day, with coffee in hand, I notice Leo has faded yet Venus shines on. I focus on the planet and feel awashed in gratitude for the loving emotions.

I recall my connection with Gaia, remove my shoes, and press the ball of my big toe to the cement patio. I accept the flow of Love to flow through me into Gaia. I feel the fierce strength of Leo the Lion and the beauty of Unconditional Love of Venus. I feel Gaia accept this flow, and look at my phone. The time is 7:11 am PST.

As I look up to Venus once more, the sun begins to peak over the east where the Blue Mountains rise. I can see in a southern peripheral vision a circular arc, almost in a rain cloud gray color, encircling Venus. I thank the Lion, Venus and Gaia for assisting in this morning meditation. I thank my highest self and guides for bringing me to this moment.

As I return to the warmth of the abode, I close my eyes and meditate on this experience. In my third eye vision, I see a bright circle. I ask for clarification of what this circle represents, and I recieve:

You are held in the Circle of Love, always and forever with the strength of a Lion, you have anchored the New Dawn.

I give thanks as I accept this message and etheric sealing of the fierce love of Gaia and all love and life upon her. May this circle expand in every interaction, every soul connection, and every place I am connected to. As I reflect upon this connection, I know the works are being done.



The pathways each of us follow are guided by heart and lead us home. I have said and felt that each soul has the capbility to be a shaman, a healer, a visionary, a catlyst, and wayshower. Those who choose these pathways Re opening wider to the unknown, guided by Heart desire, and courage to face the adversities. My personal courage carries a badge of Oneness, from the simple understanding that we are One with all creation, and acceptance and compassion are the hallmarks of Oneness.

My personal choice to be a healer, a visionary,and shaman has been my Soul Urge from early exisitence. The Soul. Urge is a seed I carry within my heart and the Willpower is in the knowing of the heart. I have trusted my heart over the direction of the mind on occassions in the past, and now I have learned that this is the way to the path, to live from the heart.

Living from the heart looks different to many who are working from the mind, the mental level. For example, the mind of many in the immediate environment, and throughout the USA, and world; the mind has been molded by the factory of education. In this factory, or institution, the textbook is the authority. The heart of every being that is subjected to this molding, is told to be quiet, closed, and mistrusted. Yet this trusting, openeness, and loud desire to mold life from the heart passion IS the model of new education, to trust the child heart is Child Guided Education.
Remembering who we are is a pathway to the heart. Many have memories of childhood, and often I have heard my elders speak of days of old. We all carry heartfelt reminders of what our heart to, of what we dream of, of who we are when we live in the heart, Through these thoughts of the days of old, the conversations with our kinfolk, the experiences of truly living in the heart may seem like an unattainable dream from the days before. Yet this is the mind thought that dangles the heart out like wash on the clothesline. The mind has learned this disconnect from the years of molding, and must now be trained to reconnect to the heart. So remembering who we are will lead us bck to the Love in the Heart, the truth of our Love, and the trust to open wider. This is absolutely imperative to do this now, and so this is the work of my chosen path as an Empathic Shaman.

Why is it absolutely imperative to live from the heart? You might ask this question, and I encourage you to have this conversation with all of your loved ones. It is not difficult to see many examples what happens when life is not lived from the heart. So many atrocities to the Human, the Animal, and the Planetary life are grave indications of decisions made from the mind disconnected from the heart.

There are many who live from the heart, who love our existence upon the living and breathing planet known affectionately as Gaia, and widely known as Earth. These folks who love her, are loud about their willingness to defend, quiet in the way they enjoy the branches swaying in the breeze and the oean waves washing the shore; they are open to solutions that bring healing, and they are trusting the justice of their heart knowing to be the guiding light, they are the Wayshowers.

So life living from the heart looks different because when folks are doing the mental journey, it is a linear direction in the drone movement of single file marching toward the dance of disconnect. The life mentallity of the drone is to be the worker, enslaved to the value placed on need. When one of these drones marches on the quickened lunch hour, and notices the encampment of Occupy who represent the disenfranchised 99% as they protest the disconnected oligarchy, the drone is entrained to have a mental-emotional response, whether it be disgust, hatred, disasssociation, ignorance, misinterpretaion or curiousity. These are all heart and mind in conflict, at an intersection where the heart speaks loudly to the mind, and the will of the soul decides if the heart or mind is correct. Yet, these folks who would camp day and night through fall, winter, and spring are living in the heart. They are willing to represent what it looks like to be living in the heart. The justice of their heart knowing is what puts them into their pathways.

I am consciously choosing to live from the heart, and allow the mind to go through its processes, as this is a symbiotic relationship. For we will find that the heart is big enough to love the mind, and this must be as we bring balance within, and begin to see the balance outside of us. The mind goes through many processes and is tailored as the ego. The processes of the molded mind are to analyze, compare, route through past experiences, memories of action and reaction, assessing the energies of the emotional frquency, judgments, opinions, and research. When the mind has stirred up the emotional body, the physical body begins to move the emotions through the adrenal channels. If the movement through the adrenal is intense, as the emotions are triggered by the mind, the physical body will need rest, or become agitated, exhausted, fearful, angry, or sad.

The ego is our personality, our persona, and is often the profile on a social network, and is easily inflated with desire, fear, conflict, joy, bliss, and addictions. The ego wants to act out the experiences that fulfill the inflation process. The ego may be like a rogue cowboy, or a heartbreak teen, or a rebel without a cause, and tryuly can be seen like a child who needs nurturing, listening, healing, loving. The ego needs the relationship of the heart and mind to be in balance, much like a child needs a balanced love from the Father and Mother.. I advocate that the ego, the mind, and the heart are one, unified to choose the path of living in the heart.

Relationships are changing

a message from All that Is Oneness.

As we relate to one another

We come together in balance

or we strike out and find the balance that lives within and without.

As we have related in our pasts,

has brought us to tears and fears,

and we will not continue in these ways.

Our relationships are changing,

It is time for each an all to define how these realtions evolve.

We see relationships changing,

and so we lay down our arms of death and destruction

and see them transmute into beauty, peace, and joy.

We lay down our lives to occupy the walls that have seperated us.

As the walls weaken,

the relationship of change occurs within and ripples throughout

and all are moved in this changing relationship.

Relationships are changing,

we awaken to see what affects one, affects us all.

We stand together and find we never were alone,

as ore relationships change.

We connect with the source of what nourishes our lives,

and we tolerate all that supports source.

We can be the change we wish to see in the world!

Every Heart

Every Cell

Every Breath

Every Day

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