A view into the wormhole of Divine Knowing brought me to know this buried story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

One day in the Garden, Adam asked Father God, with Eve as his witness, to know all that God knows.  Father God saw the pure intention of Adam and honored his quest for all knowingm Adam received a purity and clarity that was Divine Knowledge and it overfilled his vessel, splitting Adam into a seed that quickly grew into the Tree of Knowledge.

Eve saw her Divine Complement turn from a form of a human into a tree and watched in awe as her beloved Adam became a tree bearing fruit. She watched the buds swell into blossoms, the petals bursting and floating down to her face, and fruits grew into ripeness. The fruits of this tree were apples: red, round, and full of Divine Love. Eve asked God, “How will I know the Love of Adam while he is a tree?” God instructed Eve to eat the fruit, and then she would know the Unconditional Love Adam and God have for her.

Eve reflected at what she witnessed, and what could be a risk, wondering if she herself would become a tree. Yet when she looked into the fruits of her Divine Complement, she longed to share this love again. Eve chose an apple that glowed in the sunlight, looking curiously at the fruit, and then biting into the apple, tasting sweet nectar of the ripe fruit. Never before had she felt the ecstasy that washed over her, the sensations, the truth, as the apple moved into her belly.

Eve consumed the entire apple, including the seeded core, and a great satisfaction settled as the bliss of love washed through her. She knew that Adam was experiencing the sensation of being a part of her, as Eve was experiencing the glory of Love, no longer would they be seperate. 

The seed of the apple grew in Eve’s belly, and the Divine Knowing of God, and the Divine LOve of Adam with the Divine Desire of Eve merged in creating a vessel for a new soul, a Child of God would be born to Eve and Adam. Their love was the great Divine Desire to know Love in all ways, and to express this holy merging of Hierogamos, the Divine Sexual Union of Divine Complements, as two souls creating one.