I AM Gaia’s Daughter, Sheglidesby Kibigili, an upper earth inhabitant for many lifetimes. I AM on the Pathway of Oneness and guided by my heart centered I AM presence.

Along the path, many spirits have guided and spoken, and I in my humbleness listened and accepted. I have many experiences in this round of life on upper earth that I have chosen to learn from, and so as I now arrive at this vista on my mountain trek, I am compelled to share these messages with all along the watchtower and pathways.

I AM ready to open the gates of knowing, transcending, learning, listening, sharing, communing, wandering, harvesting, gathering, and exploring. I Am ready to align with the shift of sands upon our shores of knowing, to dream up the existence our hearts desire which awaits our arrival.

Here it is…why I do what I do
Within my heart is a spark that has grown a flame, lit by the torch of LOVE, TRUTH, and FREEDOM, JOY and HARMONY.
I AM a torchbearer of this flame now.
I AM following divine guidance sourced from creator living within my heart.
I knew to prepare for these days over a decade ago, as a young mother the vision became clear, the choices will be made at the necessary times.
I carried the vision into dreams.
I have built them in heart and mind, patiently awaiting for divine time.
Now is all the time that exists.
In this, I am springing action into all the preparations.
As life situations defined my moments, I choose now to take the hint, to awaken, to rise up, and to follow through.
Quite naturally, organically, all these choices, experiences, and relations with truhearts is not by accident, rather they are serendipitously aligned in divine time.
My passion is to write words of delicious inventions to describe the sensory of an experience in forms. Making the read an adventure of constructs and unknown, open to interpretation and expansion.
Our world is vast in all of its modalities, a tapestry, an onion, a seed, a source of energy, a symphony of harmonics, and a mosaic of coloration vibrations.
Access to this is freely available, with the requirements of conscious living, respectful honor in wonder for all life, conscious jedi mind, clean water and air, and living food.
I offer my recipes for your delicious acknowledgement of wordtriphops and explorations.

I have recently been guided to the knowing of my angelic guides and all of their virtues. I offer this finding for each of you, to access your knowing of your rays, colors, sounds, and angelic names as keys to understanding all that you are. I offer this in Divine Economy, which is best explained as beyond monetary into bartering wisdom exchanged for your goods or services. Please contact me if you are interested in having this reading done.Contact kibigili.gaiasdaughter1@gmail.com