Shifting Economic Paradigms

presented by Sheglidesby

The Invitation:

Dear One,

I love your eternal heart and Thank You is the deep gratitude of who you are BE’ing and what you be DO’ing with your eternal heart.

I ask of you now to join me in a conversation and exploration of how life is experienced in living through the eternal heart, and welcome your commentary on this developing presentation: Shifting Economic Paradigms.

The intention of this coursework is to empower each ONE to know self worth, to access Eternal Value, and to find Service to Local restructuring. Identifying the Heart desires to knowing abilities of service will be explored, understanding the shift that is occurring in economy, local to world, micro to macro, every choice affects the whole. Choosing Wisely is a tool each ONE has and develops in every choice. Awareness of Choice, and Relating to ONE will also be explored.

I feel you are qualified, as you, as well as many, have arrived to this space after enduring many hardships, and I recognize this process as the soul urging for growth. I wish to offer my experience, wisdom, and skills to bring all into a balanced growth.  I apprecialove your assistance on this greatest shift.

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Thank you dearest one, you are Eternal Essence Embodied.