A most interesting science newsbit announced 2 habitable planets found in Kepler 11, located 2000 light years from our current inhabitance. Hmm.. i query why look for habitable planets, is there someone living there, would I consider exoplanetary inhabitance?? 
I am interested in astronomy and astrology, so these newsbits are educational and off I go looking for an app that would put a view on these two habitable planets. No luck yet.

So I do use google sky, and lookin at the direction of the lyrids meteor shower, i did my planet search to see where our solar system cycle is, and much more can be understood in tbe studies of astrology.

The moon is in cancer, a cardinal water sign.


Moon in Cancer

The Sun, Mars, and Venus transit to Pisces, while Uranus and Mercury move closer to Aquarius.


5 planet pisces transit

Mercury is now moving through Aquarius.


Mercury in Aquarius

As it is a rainin here, so it is water that I need physically, and emotional reflectivity is what I am feelin, and fluid movement is what I am thinkin, and cleansing the spirit is what is happenin.

If you would like to learn more about astronomy and astrology, like I do, I recommend Tom Lescher Pele report, weekly show on youtube. I also like to keep updated on spaceweather.com

Enjoy the lyrids in progress now through the 25th, peaking on the 22nd. When the april showers pass, the warm may blossoms in front of ye eyes.


Many blessings to each and all beloved!