This morning, I awoke @ 5:50 am and looked to the skies to see Venus shining bright with the constellation of Leo. I equate Leo the Lion as a strong, proud, and fierce character. I also feel the Unconditional Love energy of Venus. Together, Venus and Leo pull in the dawn of a new day as the sun rises.

An hour later, I’ve got my stretches done and head upstairs to make a french pressed pot of coffee. As I step outside to greet the day, with coffee in hand, I notice Leo has faded yet Venus shines on. I focus on the planet and feel awashed in gratitude for the loving emotions.

I recall my connection with Gaia, remove my shoes, and press the ball of my big toe to the cement patio. I accept the flow of Love to flow through me into Gaia. I feel the fierce strength of Leo the Lion and the beauty of Unconditional Love of Venus. I feel Gaia accept this flow, and look at my phone. The time is 7:11 am PST.

As I look up to Venus once more, the sun begins to peak over the east where the Blue Mountains rise. I can see in a southern peripheral vision a circular arc, almost in a rain cloud gray color, encircling Venus. I thank the Lion, Venus and Gaia for assisting in this morning meditation. I thank my highest self and guides for bringing me to this moment.

As I return to the warmth of the abode, I close my eyes and meditate on this experience. In my third eye vision, I see a bright circle. I ask for clarification of what this circle represents, and I recieve:

You are held in the Circle of Love, always and forever with the strength of a Lion, you have anchored the New Dawn.

I give thanks as I accept this message and etheric sealing of the fierce love of Gaia and all love and life upon her. May this circle expand in every interaction, every soul connection, and every place I am connected to. As I reflect upon this connection, I know the works are being done.