Of a historical and mystical origin, with veins running wide and deep in the Cathars of France and Lucchesi of Italy, is a sacred text of knowledge of Great Love in Divine Unity of two hearts as one, respectively the Divine Unity in the Hearts of Jesus Christ and Mary Magadelene, of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba, of Thesus and Ariadne, of El and Asherah. This book is known as the Libro Rosso, The Red Book, and The Book of Love. Here I offer an excerpt of “The Book of Love” written by Kathleen McGowan,2009, New York,NY.,pp.120.


“This, the first verse of the most sacred song of love, was inspired by the divine coming together of the great King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. For as they were locked in their sacred union of beloveds in the light of trust and consciousness, they discovered that their greatest loves, through eah other, were for God and for the World that God loves so.

You will be our joy and our gladness.
We shall praise you above wine.
How right it is to love you.

These words are praise for the Lord from the beloveds, as they have found God in the bridal chamber. Through the sacred union of their Love, they have come to a full understanding of the blessings of life that God has granted us to express our bodies of flesh.

All love is God and God is all love.

When we are united with our beloved, we are living that love expressed and God is truly present in the bridal chamber.
The song begins with a kiss, for this is the most sacred form of expression between the beloveds. In our holiest tradition that comes from Solomon and Sheba, the word is nashakh, and it means more simply than a kiss; it means to breathe in harmony in a way that combines the spirits of two into one, to share the same breath, to blend the life forces in a single coming together.
It is with the harmonious breath of the kiss that we are fertilized to become anthropos, which is to say fully realized humans. Through the kiss we are born again. We give birth to each other, through the sharing of the love that is witin us, blending God with the self.
Through the sanctity of the kiss, two souls come together to merge as one. It is the prelude to the sacred union of beloveds.
For those with ears to hear, let them hear it.

The Song of Solomon And Sheba,
From The Book Of Love, as preserved in The Libro Rosso”


I recommend reading this book, and welcome your thoughts in the Law of One.

Hether Sheglidesby Kibigili