The Spiralling Ship

As we move through time with our goals ahead, we may experience at times a movement that feels to digress into a backward motion.
Some may say this is a downward motion, as we are working toward anchoring our multidimensional existence, yet this is all in the movement of Ascension.
Moving forward toward the goal of Ascension requires each of us to work to clear the debris held in our lower bodies, our physical vessel, our etheric aura field, our mental conditionings, and our emotional suitcases.
You can’t take it with you, as we are reminded so often in life, yet the process of evaluating and processing what it is that we need and what no longer serves us, requires a movement that at times is uncomfortable.
So why should we move out of our comfort zone, our lazy chairs and our warm spaces, when we feel secure and content there?
This is what each must confront as we move toward a multidimensional existence, it cannot be denied in these times that change is afoot, that it is now about time the movement happened, and many are experiencing circumstances that seem out of control.
It becomes all to clear that we need to be the captain of our ships, that we can no longer allow those who have held the reigns of tyranny over our lives to keep shipwrecking our comfort zone.
We are witnessing this on a personal level and a global level upon this time on Earth, and yet in the multidimensional perspective, it is also being witnessed far into the universal continuum.
Our emotional imprint on the Cosmic Grand Scale is embossed into a far and wide reaching range, and each of these is heard by the Heart of all Creation, the Great Central Sun.
As we acknowledge that what we send out into the world, also returns, you can see the image the movement in water when a pebble is dropped.
This movement is also present in the spiral, that can move upward, downward, outward, and inward.
If you are not in movement, than your spiral is in stagnation, and this eventually removes you from the life force equation, at least physically.
For we are all spirit, and certainly we will all be purely spirit once more, yet now we are here on this Gorgeous Garden Planet with the ability to create and manifest with our Free Will.
So if you are using your free will, than your spiral is moving.
The direction of your movement is completely yours to steer, unless of course, you choose to allow another to captain your ship.
Just be sure you know the direction you are going, and possible alternate routes, as storms are often brewing, and if you are not the captain then you may be in for a ride you did not navigate.
I AM choosing to be the Captain of my ship, and I AM steering toward the Multidimensional, with my dock awaiting upon the Heart of Creation, the Great Central Sun.
So I am giving you this perspective of the spiral, so that you may see that as you are progressing in your pathways, you may have a storm or two that appears to take you off course, but have faith and perseverance, as every captain does, and get on with your pathway.
Your arrival is greatly anticipated, many await to greet you and congratulate your awesome navigation and welcome you home.

May the winds move your sails,
may the stars be your guides,
may the movement of the spiral be constant,
may you glide through the rough water,
and always find your faith restored.

Remember, you are not the only ship out there trying to navigate to the next shore, so be kind to one another, help each other out, and look for those who have jumped off ships they were not commanding, it’s always good to have crew aboard.
You are loved, and greatly assisted in these spiralling motions, always remember this.