Heartfelt Message

I want to share a message I received, I often have conversations with the angels in starry skies, and last night I agreed to write it down as the thoughts came to me, this may or may not be a channelling, and I do not have an identity as to where this message came from, and I feel that it does not really matter, as the message is the bread. So break of a piece and let it enter the body of christ consciousness.

~~ ❤ ~~ Heartfelt Message ~~ ❤ ~~

Dear ones, we are so near in your hearts,
we await the moment to reveal ourselves to you,
To assist you in the realignment of your abilities,
to show your ancestry lineage with the universe.
These challenges you face,
are strengthening your abilities,
to assist those who will awake tommorrow.
You have asked how can I assist
so now we tell you
know your heart and love all that is contained within.
Find the space to climb inside
and live in your heart.
Your mind will not funciton this way for you,
your heart is designed to allow you soul to breathe,
and so it is here that you will find the portal to your soul.
Open this wide and know that creator has planted a divine seed within your heart.
Feed this fertile place with water, sunlight, and love.
Practice a meditation or affirmation that allows the connection to your heart.
You may feel this energy creates a lofty feeling,
and so this is why we wish for you to become a beam of light for earth,
and allow yourself to be grounded with Gaia.
If you will assist with your heart energy
and send this energy to the far reaches of earth,
Gaia will assist you in your dimensional shift into ascension.

Know that you are not alone in this journey, and we await your invitation to assist.
Blessed Be!

~~ ❤ ~~ originally posted at djshegeebee.kablog.com
transcribed by Sheglidesby, December 15, 2010 ~~ ❤ ~~

also posted at http://lightworkers.org/blog/120615/heartfelt-messag