Breathe the breath of creator

(originally posted at on Dec 16 2010)


Your breath is the breath of creator.

The wind swirls around and carries the air of the breath of God.

When you exhale, you release the trapped particles of energy infused with your thought.

Your every thought is carried far and wide from your breath.

The angels & universal family have charged the air with the Sacred Diamond Rose Ray,

the dawn of the Golden Age is upon you.

Be conscious of thought and breath, for you will undoubtedly charge the auric field

with the law of attraction.

Are you ready to accept that the breath you share is part of the greater sum,

we are all one, and so you have a greater responsibility to self than ego alone.

You really do have the power to co-create your existence,

this is your inherent right to use the gift of breath & thought = manifest

I invite you to have a few minutes of quiet thought,

find you highest self walking the soul path of compassion and unconditional love.

Yes, you are Christ like, Yes, you are children of Creator,

and Yes your Creator is compassionate and loves you unconditionally.


Decide now what resonates in your heart – Breathe Out

Consider all that you are and value this – Breathe In

Let go of the bickering/nagging voices – Breathe Out

Think of the faces and places you love- Breathe In

Send then am imagined gift of love- Breathe Out

Remember the enduring strength you have- Breathe In

Remember that you are not alone – Breath Out

Remember that you have been asleep- Breathe In

Now as you awaken, you will take your rightful place- Breathe Out

Be at Peace, Be in Joy, Be as One – Breath In

Smile, Hug – Breathe Out