Relationships are changing

a message from All that Is Oneness.

As we relate to one another

We come together in balance

or we strike out and find the balance that lives within and without.

As we have related in our pasts,

has brought us to tears and fears,

and we will not continue in these ways.

Our relationships are changing,

It is time for each an all to define how these realtions evolve.

We see relationships changing,

and so we lay down our arms of death and destruction

and see them transmute into beauty, peace, and joy.

We lay down our lives to occupy the walls that have seperated us.

As the walls weaken,

the relationship of change occurs within and ripples throughout

and all are moved in this changing relationship.

Relationships are changing,

we awaken to see what affects one, affects us all.

We stand together and find we never were alone,

as ore relationships change.

We connect with the source of what nourishes our lives,

and we tolerate all that supports source.

We can be the change we wish to see in the world!

Every Heart

Every Cell

Every Breath

Every Day