A message from Guides of Heavenly Light,


You have every reason and right to be joyous!

Amidst the unknown of your time, in which many tread a path of confused chaos, you have found the trail to you Joy!

Be there whenever you wish, visit often, and hold this place in your heart.

We wish to remind you that we send you our deepest LOVE and this encompasses all aspects of LOVE.

For LOVE is so much more than a gift one gives, it is a reciprocal energy that grows in the Light of LOVE.

So be in Joy!

Know this Abundant Joy will spill over into every aspect of you life.

You confirm in your heart that you are LOVED.

You stand firm in you Dream Vision.

You know that NOW is the time for Action.

As you stand upon the vista of mountains of New Earth, you see the Heavenly Light of the Great Central Sun shining upon the Valley of the Shadows, and you watch those shadows give way for the Light.

Celebrate this Joy with all who you pass or meet, whether it be in your own space, or with the many in the gathering.

For you are truly ONE with All That IS upon Gaia and into every level of the Dimensions of Time and Space!

You accept this LOVE in oneness as it is Forevermore!

Blessed Be!