O, you have arrived
and long we have awaited
your return to home.

O, Gods and Goddesses, High Priestesses and Priests of Lemuria
your knowledge is key to the healing
of our peoples and lands.

O, the fires you have fleed
and the storms you have sought shelter from
are far behind you
and your faith has deliverd you
from where you were nearly lost.

O, this is a great day indeed
for the works of your healings
will prepare our peoples for
the future ahead.

O, we give thanks to the universal cosmos that aligns this moment,
and thanks to the directions of the wind,
and thanks to the purification of the fire,
and thanks to the reflections of the water,
and thanks to the nurturing of the earth,
and thanks to the spirit guides who deliver ye.

O, may we all embrace this gift
and walk our paths of
and warrior