A little background into this, I wrote this during a very important process that occurred during June and July of 2011. The words were a fever and the message was the call that was heard and answered. We have moved past this stage, so see this as a reflection, and know that you are being called into action as co-creator.

The Call that was heard

Fenix is birthed through the fiery purification of Gaia.
Cosmic Grand Cardinal cross has aligned and now adjusts La Luna processes in newness of the tri-eclipse events
Earth bound beings shift carbon to crystal,
awakening 22 strand DNA with 22 rays of God.
Golden Cities grow in the collective consciousness of fifth-dimensional awareness assisted by the spiritual pioneers of Terra Christa and the spiritual beings in oneness.
The tribe is gathering high upon the hills to build community and sustainable systems.
The time is now as the mind needs rest from the trenches of stress and distraction,
the land awaits the seeds of love to be sown to flower in fruition and to bring harvest of nourishment energy.
Seasons as we have know them have a more than perceptible shift in all elements, affecting all habitation upon Gaia, as these are indications of her needs during this birthing process.
Aligning axiationally, intentfully, and organically, Mother Earth, our Gaia, is in greatest need of her lightworkers to be conduits of the lightmechanics grid of 22 rays, igniting upon every beam, grounded through each lightworkers four-in-one bodies through the electric chakra light cordsfunnelling from soul star to earth star into the Crystalline Gorgeous Heart Core of GAIA.