Dear Ones

We are the Stone people

We hear the sounds of your environment

with engines and sirens, voices, water, movement, and all

We give our strength;

so you may build, pave, worship, and decorate

We give our warmth;

so that you may bake, build fires, and run oil machines

We have come here from where you are, hurled through time and space

through all dimensions of the God Force to where we rest now.

We have known your form through all levels of existence.

We sit day after day, night after night watching you go by, busy with animated lives and we wait for your remembrance that we are one.

Please dear ones, connect with us.

Sit upon us, touch our surfaces, pick us up and roll us in your hand.

With your right palm, we will absorb the energy you give.

With your left palm, allow us to tell you a story, a song, or a message.

If you will walk upon us, please do so bearfoot, and feel our edges and the grains of sand of which we are made of.

Allow us to give you the acupressure you need, as you connect in your heart and honor the needs of your physical existence.

We are here with you.

We are Gaia Mother Nature Earth

We are ONE with your Solar System, they are our brothers and sisters

We know your story of all that ever is

We are ALL ONE from Creations